About THT


Total Home Theatres specializes in setting up dedicated home cinemas, from 5 to 50 seats, based on clients' needs. Our scope of work includes A/V systems, acoustics, theater seating, lighting, automation and much more. Apart from this we excel in high-end stereo (two channel) music systems and multi room audio distribution throughout a home (outdoor & indoor).
THT is a business built on a foundation of extensive knowledge and client goodwill. We custom design Audio/Video systems according to our client's requirements, adding a new dimension to home entertainment.


It is entirely true that one cannot randomly select any A/V system and make it work optimally for a specific room. Several sound dynamics come into play: a) Resonance, reverberation, dispersion b) Size of speaker in relation to the room More...

Site Work-In-Progress

To accomplish this several critical and timely inputs will be provided by qualified and experienced specialists from our Design & Technical team. a) Carry out an initial site inspection b )Prepare a system design and layout plan based on clients' needs More...

Custom Installation

Our years of experience will lead to exceptional results on completion of the installation. Apart from the technical aspects we will ensure customized settings to ensure optimum results from your equipment. More...


Total Home Theatres offers Automation with a single hand held Tablet or iPad whereby the entire A/V system can be controlled in a user friendly manner. This could include controlling drapes, lighting and air conditioning thereby enhancing the ambience and functionality of your room. Dedicated modules allow different levels of Automation. More...

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